Class XMLWritableInputSource

  extended by org.xml.sax.InputSource
      extended by com.topologi.diffx.xml.sax.XMLWritableInputSource

public final class XMLWritableInputSource
extends InputSource

An XML input source implementation wrapping a XML writable object.

This class allows a SAX application to encapsulate information about an input source in a single object.

Because it does not provide a byte stream, character stream or public or system identifier, this class is only meant to be used by the XMLWritableReader which will use the XMLWritable object.

An InputSource object belongs to the application: the SAX parser shall not modify it in any way.

26 May 2005
Christophe Lauret
See Also:
InputSource, XMLWritable, XMLWritableReader

Constructor Summary
XMLWritableInputSource(XMLWritable object)
          Creates an XML Writable object.
Method Summary
 XMLWritable getXMLWritable()
          Returns the XMLWritable object
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Constructor Detail


public XMLWritableInputSource(XMLWritable object)
Creates an XML Writable object.

object - The XMLWritable object to wrap.
Method Detail


public XMLWritable getXMLWritable()
Returns the XMLWritable object

The XMLWritable object