About us

PageSeeder.org is our portal for several projects that we are releasing to the Open Source community under the generous Apache 2.0 licence.

The background to these projects is this!

Our core product, PageSeeder , is a platform that enables developers to quickly implement web-based solutions for some of industry and governments most demanding publishing problems. Designed as a collaborative, web-based alternative to single-user, desktop-based, publishing applications, PageSeeder is inspired by many of the ideas that originated from Ted Nelson’s Xanadu project.

Using the W3C’s XLink  standard as a foundation for creating, managing and publishing documents, PageSeeder’s makes it possible for complex document structures to be  processed in much smaller components than file-based applications. This reduces complexity to users and  means that documents which have previously required expensive, difficult-to-use publishing applications can now be processed through a standard browser interface.  For our customers in industries such as air transport, pharmaceutical, defense, legal and others, this means substantial savings and improved productivity.

By linking the updates to original documents instead of duplicating, then editing, entire files, PageSeeder avoids the redundancy and integrity problems of traditional publishing tools.

While providing an extremely elegant solution for editing, revision and version management, for the delivery of finished documents to users, our solutions have always drawn heavily on the goodwill and experience of open source projects such as Lucene and FOP .

On this website, you will find code and reference implementation that have served us well and we hope will be beneficial to others who are interested in delivering publishing solutions.

If you want to know more about what we do, visit our website www.pageseeder.com 

We are located in Sydney, Australia:

Weborganic SystemsLevel 2, 73 Union StPyrmont NSW 2009Australia Ph: +61 2 9660 8866


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