Aeson is a simple Java library to generate JSON from XSLT.

At its core, it simply uses a ContentHandler to transform the result of transformation into valid JSON.


While most libraries translating XML into JSON try to preserve the entire data model from XML, Aeson takes a different. Aeson merely serialize the output tree into JSON, expecting the output to be amenable to process.

In other words, the transformation actually occurs in XSLT, and the resulting output tree is simply as close as possible to JSON structure - it is nearly a JSON document using the XML syntax. Aeson ignores most text notes, comments and processing instructions.

See Format for more details.


See Usage.


On Java EE 7, Aeson does not have any dependency as the JSON Processing API  is included.

On Java 6 or the Java SE 7, you need to include the JSON processing API and an implementation, which can be downloaded from here see .

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