What is DiffX?

DiffX is an open source Java API for comparing XML documents by analyzing the sequence of XML events.

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A common requirement when processing XML data is to compare one version of a file to another. When doing this, it is often more interesting to know that a word in the text of chapter X, paragraph Y has been changed rather than knowing that line Z is different. In addition, there are a number of changes such as the order of the attributes, different white space for indentation or namespace prefixes that may not hold much interest. The problem with many comparison tools is that they report either too much information or not the most important information.

It is also difficult to find good software with a forgiving license!

Why Bother?

Basically we needed a Diff for XML API and we couldn’t find anything that fit our needs so we wrote our own. While we think that our code is useful and we fully intend to continue development, we have not set out to create a commercial product. If you need real industrial strength diffing, go see the good people at DeltaXML .

If you like our software and you are so inclined we will gratefully accept PayPal donations. You might also be interested to check out the rest of the suite of XML tools available at Topologi.com .


DiffX can be downloaded from the Github



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