DiffX Usage


To invoke Diff-x from the command-line to compare two file, you can simply use the java -jar diffx-xx.jar command followed by the options below:

 Main [options] xml_file1 xml_file2
     xml_file1 = Path to the new XML file
     xml_file2 = Path to the old XML file
    -profile    Display profiling info
    -noslice    Do not use slicing
    -o [output] The output file
    -L [loader] Choose a specific loader
                sax* | dom | text
    -A [algo]   Choose a specific algorithm
                fitsy* | guano | fitopsy | kumar | wesyma
    -F [format] Choose a specific formatter
                smart* | basic | convenient | strict | short
    -W [wsp]    Define whitespace processing
                preserve* | compare | ignore
    -G [granul] Define text diffing granularity
                word* | text | character
    * indicates option used by default.

Basic options

Option -o [output]

By default, Diff-X sends the diffing results to the standard output. Use this option to specify in which file the diffing result should be stored. [output] should be a filename.

Option -L [loader]

Choose a specific loader, to creates the sequence of events:

  • Use sax to use a SAX parser (faster, but will ignore XML comments)
  • Use dom to use the W3C DOM
  • Use text to perform a simple text comparison

Option -W [wsp]

Define whitespace processing.

  • preserve White spaces are preserved for formatting but ignored during diffing.
  • compare White spaces are preserved for formatting and white space differences are reported (slow)
  • ignore white spaces are completely ignored and the result may produce different white spaces (faster)

Option -G [granul]

Use this option to defines the granularity text diffing.

  • word reports differences at the word level
  • text reports differences at the text node level (faster)
  • character reports differences at the character level (slow)

Advanced options

Option -profile

Displays some profiling information on the error output

Option -noslice

Prevents Diff-X from "slicing" the XML. Diff-X uses slicing to remove common subsequences at the beginning and at the end of the sequence of XML events.

Option -A [algo]

Choose a specific algorithm implementation to use. Use this option to test your own algorithm - these option values may change in the future. Must be one of fitsy* | guano | fitopsy | kumar | wesyma

Option -F [format]

Choose a specific formatter. Must be one of smart* | basic | convenient | strict | short

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