DiffX 0.7.8 API

com.topologi.diffx The core set of classes used by Diff-X.
com.topologi.diffx.algorithm Main algorithm implementations.
com.topologi.diffx.config Configuration options for Diff-X.
com.topologi.diffx.event The event interfaces used by the Diff-X algorithm.
com.topologi.diffx.event.impl The events implementations used by the Diff-X.
com.topologi.diffx.format Classes for formatting and text processing.
com.topologi.diffx.load The set of classes used to produce the sequences that Diff-X will process.
com.topologi.diffx.load.text The set of classes to load characters / text data specifically.
com.topologi.diffx.sequence Sequences and sequence utility tools.
com.topologi.diffx.util Utility classes.
com.topologi.diffx.xml A set classes and interfaces for XML processing.
com.topologi.diffx.xml.dom DOM Extension to the XML tools.
com.topologi.diffx.xml.esc A set classes and interfaces for escaping XML text.
com.topologi.diffx.xml.sax SAX Extension to the XML tools.