A Berlioz website relies on few configuration files outside the Web descriptor. Below is a list of the files you would typically use for a Berlioz site:

web.xml/WEB-INFWeb descriptor
services.xml/WEB-INF/configMaps generators to services
config-[mode].xml/WEB-INF/configA global configuration file
logback-[mode].xml/WEB-INF/configLogback configuration file (optional)


Setting up Berlioz

  1. Make sure that you Web application is setup correctly according to your Web application server (Jetty, Tomcat, etc...)
  2. Determine what Berlioz Mode to use.
  3. Update the Web descriptor to include the Berlioz Servlet
  4. Add the Berlioz global configuration in your /WEB-INF/config folder
  5. Add the Berlioz services configuration in your /WEB-INF/config folder

See Logging to learn how to configure logging on Berlioz.


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