DTD for model configuration file

Current version : 1.0

Pipelines element

Pipelines element contains two attributes, one is the attribute  of version which is a fixed value, at the moment is set to 1.0, the other is the attribute of processors which is to define the maximum number of threads (processor) to use in this pipeline. By default it set to 1 if the value is not defined.


<!ELEMENT pipelines       (pipeline+ )                                   >
<!ATTLIST pipelines       version         CDATA     #FIXED        "1.0"  
                          processors      CDATA     #IMPLIED             >


Pipeline element

Pipeline element contains three attributes. The attribute of name is required, which needs to be unique within pipelines element. The attribute of description and accepts are optional. 


<!ELEMENT pipeline        (step+ )                                       >
<!ATTLIST pipeline        name            CDATA     #REQUIRED 
                          description     CDATA     #IMPLIED
                          accepts         CDATA     #IMPLIED             >

Step element

Step element contains id, name, class and callback attributes. The id and name attributes are required . If the class attribute doesn't set,  then the step 'org.pageseeder.ox.step.NOPStep' will be set by default. If the callback attribute is set, after the specified step has completed it will invoke this callback step and it doesn't affect the whole pipeline no matter what happen to this callback step such as error.

<!ELEMENT step            (parameter* )                                  >
<!ATTLIST step            id              CDATA     #REQUIRED 
                          name            CDATA     #IMPLIED 
                          class           CDATA     #REQUIRED            
                          callback        CDATA     #IMPLIED             >


Parameter element 

Parameter element contains attributes name and value. Both of these attributes are required when defining the element.  The value for these can be retrieved it by using StepInfo#getParameter( name).

<!ELEMENT parameter                                 EMPTY                >
<!ATTLIST parameter       name            CDATA     #REQUIRED
                          value           CDATA     #REQUIRED            >

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