The doclet must be invoked on the command-line with the javadoc tool included in the JDK.


This doclets requires jtidy to ensure that the generated markup is well formed XML. It can be downloaded here: 

Basic usage

To simply generate the API documentation using the default options:

javadoc -doclet org.weborganic.xmldoclet.XMLDoclet \
  -docletpath lib/wo-xmldoclet-0.8.11.jar:lib/jtidy-r938.jar \
  -sourcepath <pathlist> [packagenames] -d <directory>

Other options

-d <directory>Destination directory for the output files
-docencoding <encoding>The encoding of the generated files
-filename <filename>
-implements <interface>Only generate documentation for classes that implement a specific interface
-extends <class>Only generate documentation for classes that extend a specific base class
-annotated <annotation>Only generate documentation for classes have the specified annotation


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